Friday, November 5, 2010

Where could Moss land?

Straight waivers, homey.

Randy Moss is still officially property of the Minnesota Vikings, but is expected to be placed on the daily waiver wire Tuesday. In the 24 hours that follow, the other 31 teams can claim Moss, starting in inverse order of the current standings, with ties broken by strength of schedule. Any team that claims Moss effectively claims the balance of his current contract.

Still, NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi expects Moss to clear waivers.

If Moss does go unclaimed, the Vikings are on the hook for the balance of his salary. That scenario allows Moss to “double dip,” getting a paycheck from the Vikings as well as any other team that signs him for the remainder of the season.

So let the speculation begin … Where could Moss land? What teams represent the best fit?

Agent Joel Segal told the Star Tribune that he has already received calls from the Dolphins and Seahawks. NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora noted that after texting with a few GMs, several believe he could end up back with the Patriots, which could only happen if every other team passes.

An argument can be made that a number of teams — the Redskins, Rams, Bears, Dolphins, Raiders, Chiefs and Patriots — could all use Moss.

NFL Network analyst Charles Davis makes a strong argument that the Rams (No. 13 on the waiver wire order) would represent a strong fit for Moss.

“I see that being a real discussion point at Rams park today,” Davis said. “That might be a spot that the Rams could take a shot, because they can win in the NFC West.”

Of course, there’s still the chance in this already strange story — however slim — the Vikings don’t end up placing Moss on waivers at all. Strange as it may seem, it could still  happen.

– Frank Tadych

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