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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moss will impact Titans fantasy studs, but positively?

Well at least Randy Moss will get a bye week this season.

The Titans have been awarded the enigmatic receiver via waivers. Though, sometimes you should be careful what you ask for — or in this case claim. Adding Moss to your team seems to have the same kind of impact as entering into wedlock with Charlie Sheen. Sure, it grabs headlines, and seems like a good idea. But eventually this is just going to end poorly.

But until that time, what is this going to mean to your fantasy team? Moss will not get a chance to impact your fantasy team until at least Week 10 at Miami because Tennessee is on a bye.

Moss will not put up big, consistent fantasy numbers, as those days are apparently long gone. There is a chance Moss could have some value if he buys into what coach Jeff Fisher is selling. The Titans players lobbied for Fisher to claim Moss, so the troubled receiver should arrive in Tennessee with a good attitude. Well, as good as he will have until they roll out the Tennessee barbecue buffet in the locker room. Still, he will have the occasional gem, but just not often enough to be considered an elite receiver.

There is some debate about what impact Moss has on his teammates. NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger called Moss a diva, who had no impact on the team. But there is no debate that Vikings WR Percy Harvin put up good fantasy numbers with Moss in the lineup, so Titans like WR Kenny Britt should feel the rub.

And if you are wondering what to do about Britt, you should hold on to him.

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson topped 100 rushing yards only once with Moss in the lineup. But Titans RB Chris Johnson should continue to post good numbers. Not like you are going to bench this guy.

Titans QB Vince Young should get a little bit of a boost, having another talented receiver to noodle-arm balls to. The only person who should be downgraded is WR Nate Washington, who should only be on your roster as a handcuff to Britt.

Adam Rank

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