Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moss a diva receiver; had no impact on Vikings

The recent moves by the Vikings and Patriots have exposed some obvious truths about WR Randy Moss. I might get ripped for telling the truth on this one, but that doesn’ t change the facts. Politics aside, Moss had almost no impact on the field in four games for the Vikings.

Is that really saying anything that isn’t obvious?

When the Vikings acquired Moss, my first reaction was that opposing defenses would almost always have to keep a safety over the top of coverages to protect against the deep ball, which would benefit RB Adrian Peterson in a big way by keeping a safety away from run support.

That didn’t happen. It would have, except for two reasons. Moss shows defenses immediately after the snap if the play is a run or pass, due to his half-hearted releases from the line of scrimmage on plays when he’s not involved. He’s also a non-factor in blocking.

Moss is a limited receiver in that he really only runs a few different routes. Even in the street-ball style that Brett Favre can play, Moss never figured out how that could be a benefit for him. When a player in this league gets older and his talent begins to diminish, he has to work both harder and smarter. From what I can tell, Moss definitely didn’t work harder.

If Moss had helped the Vikings win just one game in a big way, the way that Kenny Britt did for the Titans against the Eagles, then I believe they should have kept him. But that’s not what Moss was bringing to the Vikings. Diva receivers don’t win championships, and when things are tough, they never help dig you out of the crypt, either.

– Brian Baldinger

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